Add More Hours to Your Day – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

The most common problem among many small business owners is “time poverty.” Putting in a lot of extra hours could help, but it’s not the answer. Neither is trying to do two things at once.

* Become an expert at what you do. Study the workflows of people who are efficient and copy them. Learn from experts in your field.

* Prioritize. What is the most important thing on your list? Focus on that alone until you are finished.

* Be open to new ideas. Some overwhelmed people think they already know all they need to know on a subject. Never stop learning.

* Become an expert of time management. Then practice every day until you master time management skills.

Read Getting Things Done by David Allen. This book was released in 2001 and remains a best seller as it fuels global demand for Mr. Allen’s workshops and personal coaching. Amazingly, he has established an industry around a simple approach to getting things done.

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