Rules for Good Small Business News Releases

access-to-information.jpg One of my small business clients wanted to know how to write good news releases.  Here are some suggestions:

1. Feature timely news related to your industry, staff, company or products and services.  Avoid self-promoting made-up stories.

2. Tailor messages to the audience of a specific news vehicle. Don’t create another blanket mail piece.

3. Use clear and accurate terminology.  Do not use insider lingo.

4. Focus on benefits for your audience. 

5. Make it clear how your readers can take action and why your news release is important. Otherwise – who cares?

6. Use quotes from customers and staff. 

7. Be intriguing, yet believable. Do not boast.  Add some spice.

 8. Avoid long news releases – your reader’s time is valuable too.

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