Should Small Business Owners Call or Email Their Customers and Prospects?

Getting through the maze of choices on a big company’s phone system can be aggravating.  Sometimes you keep going in circles without an opportunity to  speak to a human being.

Small business people can have a problem handling phones during busy business hours, too. But, for small business owners, the initial telephone contact can be crucial to making a sale.

Customers and prospects usually don’t call to chat. They want information and they want it now. They want to speak with someone who can help them.  If the person who “just answers the phone” is the lowest-paid, least knowledgeable person in the building, customers can get frustrated.

One idea for small businesses: Put your best people on the phone and if necessary, share the duty. If that is impossible, then the receptionist should know the company terrain and staff and should not seem rushed or upset on the phone.

I often find it to be more effient to communicate with customers via email. Will email and Twitter replace phone calls in the future? Is Microblogging the future of communications?

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