What Do Small Business Owners and Triathletes Have In Common?


Six weeks after major surgery I finally started to train for my third upcoming Danskin triathlon in Seattle, Washington. While creating my training plan, It occurred to me that running a small business is like participating in a triathlon – you as a small business owner need to have some knowledge of all “events” – financial management, customer service and marketing, – or your business will not survive. You may not be good at all of them, but you have to build stamina to stay in competition and finish the race. All successful entrepreneurs I have ever known have had passion for their field. Just like triathletes, small business owners need passion to go out and compete no matter what the circumstances. Not all of us will win. Reaching the goals we have set for ourselves as small business owners, marketers or triathletes may bear bigger significance. Unfortunately I meet too many business owners each week who lack clear goals and desire to become better at what they do. At the same time, when we gain new insights, we become more confident at marketing our services.

“Everything can always be better. This game is fluid. It’s always changing, it’s always evolving. I could always hit the ball better, chip better, putt better, think better. You can get better tomorrow than you are today.”

-Tiger Woods

In addition, most successful individuals I know have created systems for every aspect of their lives. It may sound boring, but they stay on track without wasting energy on defeating chaos. They have streamlined their lives. I admire their productivity, therefore I am reading Getting Things Done by Dave Allen this week.

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