Who would make the best small business marketer – Clinton, McCain or Obama?

As a small business marketer, I tried to imagine how senators Clinton, Obama, and McCain would fit in my role. They have demonstrated that they are all good marketers when it comes to self-promotion. Which one would be the best small business marketer?

I can’t imagine Senator Clinton in a role of a small business marketer, but I think that she would make a good spokesperson for a non-profit organization. She knows the federal rules and regulations as well as good ol’ Washington D.C. marketing techniques. She could utilize her skills and experience to approach mature individuals and professional associations in order to raise money for worthy causes. Young feminists would be listening to her message as well.

Senator McCain would make a good “my story” marketer. His war stories would appeal to baby boomer micro or lifestyle business owners who are not very tech savvy . He could share his memories and seal the deal in between.

Senator Obama has the biggest potential to be a web savvy small business marketer. I can see him being successful at creating and delivering marketing messages to/for professional services firms. He is a very good speaker who does not get into too much detail (tactics), but understands his audience and can win over younger decision makers.

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