Virtual Businesses Can Be “Green”


Virtual Businesses may have local clients, but they mostly conduct their business virtually. Their employees don’t have to travel the road more than couple times a week, therefore contributing to less traffic and air pollution. Remote workers working from home don’t take up parking spaces and therefore they don’t add stress to other people.

Did you know that a typical office worker uses 12,000 sheets of paper annually? Virtual businesses and remote workers conduct business via phone, email, online workspaces and webinars. They could print on both sides of paper whenever possible.

Sunshine is free – virtual workers can do most of their work during daylight hours and use Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent lights.

They can set their thermostats to 65 degrees during working hours. No need to discuss the “right” temperature with several co-workers.

They can turn computers and printers off after work and use sleepmode features.

They can work in their PJs, do less laundry and use less make up – better for them and for the environment!

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