Website Marketing Advice (Accounting Software Consultant)

Word of mouth and referrals have been the best marketing tools for our company/website.

Monthly newsletters – both print and email – have worked well for our clients. Your newsletter does not have to be long, but it has to provide useful (catchy!) information for your target audience and encourage people to go to your website. You may want to post your newsletter on your website as well and enable your visitors to sign up for your newsletter on your site.  In order to do so you could sign up for a free trial (Constant Contact – 60 days, ExcerpoMail – 60 days), after adding some code to your website you will have a newsletter sign up button on your site and you can start growing your email newsletter mailing list. No printing costs! Permission based email marketing has a high ROI!

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor you should have access to free copies of QuickBooks Simple Start software. You could make this FREE software available on your site and maybe throw in some free consulting -online training…(unless startup companies are not your target market). Create an online ad featuring your promotion.  You could sign up for Yahoo Search Marketing. It is similar to Google AdWords program, but they offer free online training once you sign up. Training will provide useful information to people not familiar with online advertising.

You could offer additional online training options, teach customers how to use collaboration software (SharePoint etc.) or teach how to use online conferencing services (WebEx) to beginners for example.  Some of my customers – exprienced business people, are still clumsy with computers. They would like to work remotely, but they have to learn how.

Write articles or maybe case studies featuring benefits of your services (how they meet the needs of your customers) and submit them to sources that your target customer goes to for information.  Post these articles on your website.

Start a blog (free blog available at for example). You could offer tips for Quickbooks users, have a topic of the day, stories about questions your customers have asked, suggestions… etc. Encourage comments and feedback. Blog may also improve your website rankings if you use relevant content and post frequently.

I would not use Google AdWords unless you have done extensive keyword research and know exactly how your customers/potential customers search for services that your company offers. Otherwise you will end up with thousands of clicks (money out of your pocket) and no leads/sales. Microsoft offers a similar program that has worked better for our company. You may want to sign up for WordTracker free trial to find out how many times kewords that are of interest to you are used in search engines.

You may consider joining professional organizations that will let you create your company profile (including a link to your site). You may get leads from members as well as improve the rankings of your site.

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