New Jobs for 2020

“Fortunately technological and social changes perpetually create new forms of work”, says Josh Calder, leader of Social Technologies’ Global Lifestyles project. 

Here are some jobs that might lie on the horizon:

 1. Realizer

Creates real versions of virtual objects

 2. E-scrubber

Undoes or minimizes the indescretions people accumulate on the Web.

 3. Unrealtor

Creates virtual tourism, adventure, and real destinations.

 4.  Nano-decontaminator

Cleans up nanomaterials that spread through the environment.

 5. Deceptionist

provides tech-enabled deception services for those wishing to disguise their activities.

 6. Genetic dietician

 Creates diets tailored to people’s individual genetic makeup.

 7. Geoscaper

Makes corporate and private properties look attractive in Google earth-style aerial views.

 8. Unplugger

Counselor who helps to wean people from excessive technology use.

 9. Eye pilot

Remotely controls small, camera-equipped aerial vehicles over war zones and other locations for news services, companies, etc.

 Source: Change)Waves, a new monthly newsletter from Social Technologies

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